Betsy Has An Idea

In the spring of 2004 my wife Betsy and I needed to have some items hauled away from our home in Austin. We started looking around for options and could only find what we literally called “two creepy dudes and an old beat-up truck”- the kind of guys that know the Texas Department of Correction’s school song forward and backwards.

Betsy suggested that someone should start a professional, full-service junk removal company with a focus on great customer service. No creepy dudes. And that’s how the original idea came about for starting Junk Busters.

Junk Finds A New Home

Fast forward eleven years to 2015, and here we are proudly serving Austin and the greater Central Texas area for quite some time and bustin’ a whole bunch of junk! Looking back we must have been crazy to some degree. We had no experience in the junk removal industry and absolutely no experience in starting and running a business. We did have a vision, a few simple goals and were committed to putting in the hard work to create something special. So from a list on a legal pad our story began. The rest you can say is Junk History.

Although we are often mistaken for a national franchise we actually are still a small local company. From the beginning we focused on doing things right and that dedication to excellence shows through in every aspect of our business- from how we answer the phone to how our staff interacts with our customers to the follow up call after the job is done to ensure we did a great job for you. In our opinion, the little things done right add up to make a big difference.

We’ve learned so much over the years and have actually helped pioneer an industry along the way. Seriously, who had ever heard of professional junk removal?

A Simple Approach

The original ideas we started with still serve as the foundation for how we do business today:

  • Sincerely care about the customer
  • Always do the right thing
  • Take great care of our employees
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Take care of the planet and give back to the community
  • Have fun along the way

Hopefully, we’ll get the opportunity to bust some junk for you and show you how we feel business should be done. We tell each of our employees to always remember, “You have to earn our customer’s business as well as their trust each and every day.”

We look forward to meeting you and making your world junk-free!

Junk Busters

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What is the Junk Busters Difference?

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