A Peculiar Problem

We quickly discovered that in the junk removal business you haul away just about anything you can imagine. Appliances, furniture, clothing, toys and just about everything in between. You name it. We’ve hauled it.

Although we have been dedicated to recycling and donating since day one it dawned on us that we are in a unique position to do more than just keep things out of the landfill. With a little extra effort we could actually make a difference in people’s lives.

We’re so committed to giving back we put a name to it. Junk Red heart symbol Luv. Junk Red heart symbol Luv is our way of going that extra mile and doing everything we can to improve someone’s life. We donate or recycle on average up to 60% of everything we haul away. It’s a good start but we felt we could do more.

A Little Luv Goes A Long Way

So we started breaking down exactly what items could be donated and began redirecting those to as many places as we could. We send medical equipment, such as walkers, crutches and canes to organizations like Age of Austin. We send clothing and furniture to several charities, such as the Season of Caring that we all read about during Christmastime, as well as numerous church programs in our community.

Imagine that what is sitting in your garage taking up space today could be in someone’s home tomorrow. This is where we all get really excited. We were told a story of an elderly couple who was in a tough spot, where they didn’t even have a decent bed to sleep on. We wondered what it could mean to them to receive not only a bed but everything that goes with it. Needless to say we never looked at bedroom furniture the same way again.

It didn’t take long before everyone one in the company was getting really motivated to go the extra mile to give back. The name Junk Red heart symbol Luv actually occurred one day when of the employees said, “I’m sure feeling a lot of junk luv today!” That was it. It perfectly described what we were trying to do.

We’re glad to not only be of service in hauling away your items but also feel very proud that together we can all make a difference.

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