1. What is Junk Busters-USA? We are a professional, full service junk removal company based in Austin, Texas.
  2. What do you do? We haul away almost anything from anywhere. (See our What We Do page for more info)
  3. What can you haul away? Almost anything. As long as it doesn’t glow in the middle of the night. Furniture, appliances, garage junk, etc.(See our What We Do page for more info)
  4. What can’t you haul away? We cannot haul anything hazardous. (See our What We Do page for more info)
  5. How do you charge? We simply charge based on how much room your unwanted items take up in the back of one of our junk trucks.
  6. What do your rates include? Everything. All you have to do is point. We pick up your junk from wherever it is, load it in our junk trucks and even do a general clean up.
  7. Do you recycle or donate to local charities? Absolutely. We place any items we hope to donate or recycle on the back of the truck and then stop by Goodwill, Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity.
  8. When should I book appointment? We operate on a first come, first serve basis. Usually we book jobs 1-2 days out.
  9. Can you give me a free estimate? You bet. We do a Free No Obligation Estimate on every job. If you give us the go ahead we get started right away bustin’ that junk.
  10. Do I need to be onsite? No. About 20% of all of our jobs are done without the customer being on site.

We know it’s more than 10…but we really love talking about this stuff.

  1. Why should I hire you versus someone else? We feel we offer the best overall value of any junk removal company out there. Good rates, outstanding employees, world class customer service and we are dedicated to recycling and donating.
  2. What is the capitol of Burma? Naypyidaw. Seriously it is.
  3. Why shouldn’t I just do it myself? Time, convenience, value, safety, to save your back, to save your marriage… and have you been out to the landfill recently? Trust us. You never really know what you’re standing in.
  4. Can I get a tax receipt from anything you donate? Yes. Just ask our crew to send it and it we’ll drop it in the mail the next day for you once we stop by the charity.
  5. If a duck is traveling on a train from Chicago at 32 miles an hour how long will it take for it to arrive in Dallas, Texas? Trick question. It’s a proven fact ducks prefer to fly Southwest Airlines and not travel by train.
  6. Are you licensed and properly insured? Yes.
  7. How much experience do you have? We are actually pioneers of our industry and have been doing this for 7 years in Austin, Texas.

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Hours of Operation:Mon - Fri:  8:30am - 5:30pmSat:  8:00am - 5:00pm
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