The Junk Busters-USA Difference

We’re often asked why someone should hire Junk Busters over any other junk removal company in Austin. We love to answer this question.

1. We Care

When was the last time you hired a company and they actually made you feel like they cared about you? We don’t see it too often anymore ourselves. We’ve made it a major goal since we opened to actually care about our customers and work hard to do an outstanding job for them. It shows in everything we do from how we answer the phone, interact with our customers, and give back to the community, as well as how we treat each other in the company.

2. Value

Haul More. Pay Less. We know we aren’t the only choice you have to get your junk hauled away so we give you the best overall value in the business. Our trucks are 20% bigger than our nearest competitor and our rates average about 20% less. Why pay more? Although we are often mistaken for a national franchise we’re actually a local company based in Austin, Texas. All of those expensive franchise fees that the other guys build into their rates we don’t have to deal with. We simply pass the savings on to you. Less overhead. More savings.

3. Our People

This is a really good one. When you hire a junk removal company or any other service company, do you really know what kind of people they are sending out? What does “screened employees” actually mean? Did they go through that airport scanner thing? Did they blush?

At Junk Busters, we know exactly what kind of people we’re sending out to take care of you. We’re the only service company we know of that does an extensive 3 week interview process, a local, county, state and national background check on everyone one of our candidates. If they meet our high standards, then we bring them on board and work closely with them to be sure they have the right stuff. On average, employees have been with us over four years. We’re happy to report that the number one compliment we hear over and over from our clients is “those were the nicest young men that came out.” It makes us very proud of everyone in the Junk Busters family.

4. Local

We’re from here. We started Junk Busters in April of 2004 right here in Austin, Texas. 100% of our focus is here. We’re not really concerned about the fine folks in the Greater Tri-State area where ever that may be. Maybe one day we’ll expand into other parts of the country. Probably not because we don’t like the cold that much. BRRRR. We love it here in Austin and plan on staying focused on Austin and the surrounding areas here in Central Texas.

Recycle and Donate

Have you noticed how that thing called the landfill keeps getting higher and higher in the sky every time you look that way? We have.

At Junk Busters we try to recycle absolutely everything we can. On average, we recycle and donate up to 60% of everything we haul away. Check out our Junk Love page to learn even more about our recycling efforts.

In case you haven’t been out to the landfill lately, it’s really getting huge. We are dedicated to not taking anything out there unless it’s our only option.

Here are a few reasons we don’t like going there:

  • We want to do our part to save the planet.
  • It’s very expensive to go there.
  • You never really know what you’re standing in.

Seriously, we try to recycle any items we haul away for you. It’s part of our culture and our commitment to you, our customer.

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What is the Junk Busters Difference?

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